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Lyback’s Ice Fishing

Lyback’s Ice Fishing

5 December 2020 3,951K

Lyback’s Ice Fishing

41504 48th Ave
Wahkon, MN 56386
Phone: (320) 676-8740


Little About Lyback’s Ice Fishing

They are somewhat different from most of the ice fishing businesses around the lake. They want to preserve ice fishing like we feel it should be. They want to be a place where you come out and fish, have some peace and quiet and enjoy your time on the ice. They do not have a bar or restaurant on shore, but there are restaurants and bait shops close by. They are 1 1/2 miles from Isle and Wahkon which have numerous facilities. They try to keep things as quiet as possible out there for all of our customers. The last 4 years I have been working on restoring my Grandfathers barn he built when he homesteaded here in the early 1900’s. The downstairs will be our new office complete with men’s/women’s bathrooms and showers for our customers. Alot of history and memorabilia from all the years of ice fishing will be displayed in the office area and will be worth stopping by to see it next year as it should be up and in operation.